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Costumers & connoisseurs

This is where a love affair starts

Lukowitz is coming and we’re pleased to meet you. You might have wandered here by accident – or maybe you were looking for us for a longer time. Whatever the reason, you have stumbled on Lukowitz, and we stand for edible luxury.

This is where we explain what that means. Taking our inspiration from a small family-run store that makes cherished petite tartines in Graz, Austria, Lukowitz consists of people that craft our sandwiches, concoct our drinks and decorate our spaces with the quality of times gone-by but using all the improvements of the time that is now. On this website you’ll be able to order our sandwiches to your home, or find a store near you. We hope that you have the time to enjoy our stories – all our descriptions are brim-full with explanations concerning our choices and useful references as to where and how we source our products. Don’t hesitate to contact us, and be assured that when we have anything of importance to share, we will contact you. See you soon?

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