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Cosmopolitan and beyond – CiC and Venture Cafe taste Lukowitz (founded in CiC)

This Tuesday 29th of May, there was a scramble on the fourth floor of the Groot Handelsgebouw in Rotterdam. The people of the Cambridge Innovation Center (CiC) and Venture Café were privy to a small but sophisticated lunch by Lukowitz.

Truth be told, the Lukowitz team was no stranger here. Over the past two years, Lukowitz has been planning its expansion into the Netherlands from the same building and storey. Whát exactly though the team had been working on, had been a mystery – until now.

‘So this is what you’ve been working on!’, a staff member said. The surprise is, of course, understandable, small tartines coming from people that are working in an international co-working space that usually hosts app-builders and web designers.

The international group coming to lunch did give Lukowitz the chance to verify some of our tastes to their native audiences. Like our ‘Scandinavia’, gravlax in beetroot with dill caviar and a mousse of liquorice in Skyr yoghurt. Liquorice?! ‘

Indeed, just like ‘Tyrkisk Peber’’, a Swedish member said. ‘Nice and subtle, definitely Scandinavian approved!’

The other tartines hark to different places on the planet, like the Catalonian ‘l’Escala’ with Romesco-sauce, the Middle Eastern ‘Ummah’ with black bean hummus and dukkah, the Korean ‘Uri Nara’ with kimchi, or our very Dutch ‘Tartine Locale’ with old matured cheese and mustard leaves. But Lukowitz is not just a cosmopolitan – there are also simply otherworldly tartines like ‘Clouds’: a brown cauliflower puree, smoked lemon ricotta, Madam Jeannette infused cauliflower, preserved egg yolk, coconut-tapioca crisp and grated almond. Be welcome to try it.

If this report triggered something of an appetite, maybe it’s time to have a look at lukowitz.me or give us a call at +31(85)0608580 – and we’ll have your lunch covered in no time.

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