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Event managers & planners

Indulge your guests like never before

Whether you are looking to cater an event of 300 guests, a board meeting for thirty or are just feeling peckish for your weekly three-person-sit-down, look no further.

We know that for a corporate or a private event, there’s a collective excitement and general anticipation towards the food. We hope that dropping the name ‘Lukowitz’ might further stir things up. All of our products, like sandwiches, drinks and the rest, are meant to be surprising and layered, having more than one meaning. We’re convinced that the lunch we bring wil be the high-point of the day. But more importantly, we are right there with you to be part of a smooth running operation that will satisfy all guests and relieve your anxiety – if you ever had any.

Our in-house design team will be happy to take care of every intricate detail, and we’ll let your vision be the guide to our presentation. Would you like us to keep you posted?

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