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Hass avocado

Known in native Aztec as ‘testicle fruit’, it is the quintessential ingredient to Mesoamerican cuisine. It’s prized for its fattiness and is known to be a very healthy source of protein.

The origins of the Hass-avocado are somewhat unlikely. Before the 30’s, avocados were imported from South America from a wide variety of local breeds. Californian mailman and horticultural enthusiast Rudolph Hass bought a couple of seeds from a collector that even looked for thrown-away avocados in restaurant scraps. Of his crossbreeds, one tree survived and the fruit was so popular and plentiful, it made its way to restaurants and ultimately became the mother tree of over 80% of the commercially grown avocados today. The tree lived to be 76 years old and was only cut down in 2002, when root-rot was discovered.

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