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Lukowitz is going places, come and join us.

Prospectus – Lukowitz is going places, come and join us.

As you might have noticed, Lukowitz is deploying to the Netherlands and we mean to do this at a dazzling pace. The aim is opening shops in the top five of the country’s major cities and airport within the year. Talk about bringing it big.

Lukowitz is looking for fellow travellers to join the ride. We offer an excellent turnover in a relatively short amount of time, without cutting corners along the way. It’s about timing, proposition and volume. Our financial team is versed towards restructuring your investments in the most efficient way, making sure the maximum added value is achieved.

So Lukowitz is underway. The first roll out of this scheme is beginning in the summer of 2017. The staggered approach, in which the initial cash-flow is reinvested in expansion, ensures that the momentum will be held. The only question is which investor our group seizes the day to be part of the success- could it be you? If you are interested in having more insight in our businessplan please send us an email lukowitz@lukowitz.me. all documents regarding this investment are to be found here (access only by password).


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