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Sustainability and CR

Lukowitz on sustainability and CR – more than a fad

Having our roots in the good things of the past, it is important for us to emphasize that we look strongly to the future, too. A couple of key words you might have been seeing of late are to the likes of sustainability and corporate responsibility (CR).We’d like to take a minute here to explain what these things mean to us exactly and how we like to be the first and best in upholding our ideas surrounding them.

Firstly, sustainability means to us the dedication to a clean and ecologically diverse environment. The strategies to reduce our negative impact on the environment are necessarily part of we believe that Lukowitz should be. Simply put, we source locally because we believe that the best products are made small scale and local and because they have a smaller carbon footprint. Further in sourcing we take care to use products that did not undergo chemical treatment, are grown at least organically, and are packaged in a recyclable way. Using seasonal products guarantee freshness and reduces energy costs for storage and refrigeration. The choice to be green and sustainable is, we think, the logical way.

The same dedication to a better planet extends to a better society. Our corporate responsibility is comprised of education, social mobility, and gender equality. Lukowitz will start programs for employees to be edified in an ongoing way about our methods of production, our products and other useful skills to keep momentum in their careers.

To make sure that the above goes beyond fashionable statements, we’re publicly setting our goals and measuring our progress. The Environmental Profit and Loss (EP&L) calculation is an open sourced methodology developed by the Kering group, a luxury brand holding, to measure its net positive and negative effects. The actions developed Lukowitz aim to not only reduce and alleviate our environmental impact, but also to develop, within its spheres of activity, projects with a positive impact on populations and their surroundings. We aim to set up this analysis on an annual base once operations are running.

If you want to read more extensively about these subjects, feel free to contact us and ask for our sustainability program.


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