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Lukowitz serves lunch for 200 people at the Nexus Europe Summit Rotterdam 2018

Nexus is an organisation that promotes the contact between social innovators, impact investors and philanthropists to bring about sustainable to change to a wealth of subjects, worldwide. Active in more than seventy countries simultaneously, Rotterdam was chosen as the site for the Nexus European Summit this 24th of April. Lukowitz was there, of course.

For the occasion, we prepared a selection of six sandwiches to the tastes of the cosmopolite audience, and in a sense, make them feel at home. As the trays were lined out on the buffet, a queue was quick to form. From left to right, the participants had the choice of a kimchi tartare with Korean sesame paste; a solidified bisque with a crayfish salad and shiso leaf; grilled vegetables with Romesco sauce; asparagus with ham, quails egg in beetroot, and a sauce gribiche; smoked eel with horseradish and cress; and a black bean hummus with raspberry vinegar onions and edible violets.

All of the above ingredients were not only selected for their culinary merits, but also for their sustainability and being versed towards animal welfare. For instance, all our meat is organic; the fish of the bisque from the superfluous catch of the North Sea, the eel is from fishermen aligned to the PAN, the Dutch MSC standard for eel. A small gesture we saw appreciated by the participants, with the underlying thought that worldwide problems cannot be solved by single individuals. Lukowitz, therefore, aims to stay connected, internationally. Until next time, Nexus!


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Event name: Nexus Europe Summit Rotterdam 2018  
Location & date: PL2 (Las Palmas) – Rotterdam 24th – 26th of April 2018




Event management & design: http://containraffairs.com/
People served: 195 – 4 tartines a person 800 tartines in total


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