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Mission statement

what makes us tick

In short, we are about quality.

Lukowitz wants the high quality and well-designed sandwich for lunch to be brought back into the hearts of our clients. It’s not only the care and time it will take us to fabricate these products.

It’s also about the way that we enable the clients to being aware of the multi-layeredness of the taste and textures of our products. We believe that the quick lunch or bite in that one moment that you have reserved for food should be a full experience and more than just straightforward sustenance.

That’s why Lukowitz’ products are literally out of the box. They are meant to be surprising and layered, having more than one meaning. The makeup of the sandwiches should impeccable but at the same time easy enough to eat without spilling. We like to keep it sophisticated. The tastes are designed towards an international audience but are modified for local tastes if necessary. All the produce and methods used to construct the sandwich are explained and reasoned in depth and in personal way. We’re here to make lunch the high point of the day.

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