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Our bread by Hiljo Hillebrand

Sandwiches mean bread. So we’ve asked master boulanger Hiljo Hillebrand, one of seven alive today in the Netherlands to carry the title, to develop two breads for us. The first one is meant to act as a high standard staple and is a mixture of sunflower seeds and German rye flower. The second one is meant to be elegantly sweet and sturdy, using German rye meal and Turkish raisins and currants. The difference in the use of either flower or meal is the bran- besides its known property to carry fibers it is also an agent to give a more solid end result. For both these mixtures, a thirty-year-old sourdough culture is used in a twelve to fourteen rising process. This venerable culture was specially selected for it’s fresh acidity- the long, protracted rising ensures that it gives off maximum taste. You might have also noticed that Lukowitz’ bread has a particular taste – it is circular. Making perfectly round bread is more difficult than you might think – gravity and ambient heat makes the crust want to set more in one place than in others- but we’ve managed to crack that one. Look for yourself.


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