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Public tasting in Amsterdam, a great succes.

At the 4th and 5th of April 2018, Lukowitz offered business professionals, working in the business district ZuidAs Amsterdam, a special tasting of our sophisticated sandwiches. In total, we welcomed more than 50 professionals, ranging from major corporates to the likes of Akzo Nobel and Heineken to smaller firms like Kindergarden and Rumag. They were happy to join us as Ambassadors of Lukowitz. In general, we can state that all visitors were happily surprised by our product and even more enthusiastic about our perseverance to change the office lunch market.

“I’ve not seen anything like it before, and for sure never tasted such a good sandwich.” Carla Limatola.

Lukowitz offers besides the sophisticated open face sandwiches (tartines) an impeccable service as well. You, with Lukowitz, have the ability to personalize your lunch, after selecting the number of participants, Lukowitz invites, on behave of you, each participant to make his own selection of sandwiches. The choices will be placed in a luxury box and nametagged accordingly. So instead of large plates with a random choice, Lukowitz brings exactly what participants want. Additionally, each selected sandwich comes with an explanatory card, heritage, ingredients, and allergies information.

“Having a business lunch with Lukowitz on the table can change it from boring, to an energetic gathering.” Danny Membre of RUMAG.

The total portfolio of Lukowitz consists of twelve sandwiches. Four of these are vegetarian, five meat and three fish. Just like the seasonal change, Lukowitz will create new flavors and compositions regularly. On average a lunch at Lukowitz comes at €16,- per person.

Make lunch sophisticated again. Order Lukowitz, from 6 to 200 participants through our boutique webshop.

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