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For secretaries & business pros

When the quality of the lunch represents you

The best business lunch served in the convenience of your own building – regardless whether it is a annual shareholders meeting or just you with a colleague?

Just order and we’ll provide you with the best there is while simultaneously lifting the standing of your business. The sophisticated and customizable sandwich collections Lukowitz delivers to you, will surprise every guest with your personal touch.

When it comes to you: timing, quality and a hassle-free service are of the utmost importance. Accordingly, Lukowitz offers “best in class” services especially designed for you. Once you set up your professional account we help you succeed in planning and hosting your business lunches.

We have developed an app that allows you to

  • Create your event;
  • Personalize your meetings by inviting the participants and asking their preferences;
  • Sending out reminders or updates;
  • Choose additional services as cutlery, glasses and waitresses;
  • Plan the delivery within a 15 minutes’ window;
  • We deliver wherever you want us to;
  • Multiple payment- and billing options;

By ordering Lukowitz for the first time you automatically enroll our corporate- and personal loyalty program. The benefits are both for your professional convenience and for your personal entertainment. Attainable options range from reduced order time to a personal cooking workshop with one of our leading chefs. We invite you to join our quest to make Lukowitz the Leading example when it comes to sophisticated and surprising self-hosted business lunches. Would you like us to keep you posted?

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