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how Lukowitz came about

In Graz, Austria, the practice of eating tartines remains alive to this day. It has never gone out of fashion. There, in a family-run business in the Stempfergasse, dozens of classic small sandwiches like the Polnischer Aufstrich and the Liptauer are prepared by hand on a daily base. Well-known to all the townspeople, the elegant bar fills up every morning and afternoon with young and old, having their customary choice of brötchen with a small glass of local wine or drink their beer from a tiny glass known as the pfiff.

It is not unusual that the sandwiches run out before three o’ clock in the afternoon – from the store is a coming and going of delivery boys with carts stacked with beribboned boxes filled with the brötchen to lighten up functions ranging from birthdays, graduations, and unexpected visits from the parents-in-law.

One might wonder, if Lukowitz is a person, or maybe even a group of people. It is neither. It is a way of looking at things. Lukowitz is a longing for the ways and quality of the past, but transposed to the tastes and technical capabilities of the present. And the ways of Graz inspired Lukowitz to make what is on offer here now.

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